Blocks list

Events blocks


The "if" block is used to check certain conditions.


The loop block is mainly used to enumerate certain values. For example, the loop block can be used to enumerate the list of active limit orders.


Trend indicators


Bill Williams

Chart analysis

Getting information about the chart and individual bars. Drawing vertical and horizontal lines on the chart.

Depth of market

Getting information on the depth of market and its specific quotes.


Place market, limit, and stop orders. Remove limit or stop orders. Close positions.



Play sounds.


Getting information about the account, positions, active and historical limit/stop orders, historical deals. Getting information about the trading session, symbol specification and time.


Enum blocks are used to enumerate something. For example, you can use enum blocks to enumerate a list of symbols or a list of active limit/stop orders.


Active orders

Be sure to use "Request list active orders list" block before enumeration of the list of active orders. Otherwise you will work with irrelevant data.


Be sure to call the "Request history" block before enumerating the list of historical orders and deals. Otherwise you will work with irrelevant data.


Using special blocks your robot can send messages and charts screenshots directly to your telegram.

Make sure that you specify your telegram bot's token in the robot's settings. This procedure is described in detail in the corresponding article.

Other blocks


With these blocks, you can create full-fledged robot interfaces. With the help of special blocks, you can change the properties of interface elements and get information on them.




Working with the interface blocks is described in more detail in the corresponding article.

Predefined constants

Predefined constants are possible values of certain properties. For example, the "direction" block contains predefined constants of possible directions: buy, sell, no direction.


The "print debug info" has many uses. It is mainly used to check the values of variables and the values that blocks return.

Mathematical operators

Logical operators


Teleports are used when it is necessary to switch to the execution of another part of the scheme. Input and output teleports are linked by number.

Variable or constant select

Value input

Type conversion

By default, all data is represented as a number. With type conversion blocks you can explicitly specify the format in which a certain value must be represented.

Working with types is described in the corresponding article in more detail.

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